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 RAMSEY is a whimsical and surreal short comedy about an optimistic and bright young woman in a world that is often at odds with her own perceptions of it. When she puts on a production with a cast of antique dolls, she's shocked to learn she's the only one not picked up in the TV spinoff. Memory, creative autonomy, and perseverance are all themes throughout the film and it's also really very funny and lighthearted. 

We're choosing to shoot RAMSEY on 16mm for a few reasons. First of all, it looks incredibly beautiful, which is a huge plus. But additionally, I loved the idea of using a physical material, one so tied to nostalgia and memory, to capture this story about a woman taking ownership over her own perceptions. 


Written and directed by Kady Ruth Ashcraft, the short comedy is set to film in June 2019.

Charlotte Hornsby is our director of photography. Two recent films she's shot, Hair Wolf and Lucia Before And After, both won The Short Film Jury Award for U.S. Fiction at Sundance (in 2017 & 2016, respectively.) She's worked mutiple times with musical artist Solange as well as shot Beyoncé for Vogue. If you're keeping track that is both Knowles sisters. Unbelievable.

Elizabeth Skadden is our producer for RAMSEY. She's produced for Full Frontal With Samantha BeeThe Americans, Vice Media, the short film Tuba Thieves, and has been nominated for a Creative Emmy for her work. 

Simone Duff is our production and art designer.  She's designed props for John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, done costuming for Live with Kelly and Ryan, and her work for Mana Contemporary's Virtually There was recently acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.